Key training for people who wish to acquire more knowledge and make better strategic decisions in the complex grain market.

Who is it for?

  • Cooperatives, brokers, traders
  • Agri-Food companies
  • Companies involved in Port logistics, inputs and the certification sector
  • Individual investors, stockbrokers and financial institutions

Workshop objectives

  • To develop knowledge of the bulk grain trade
  • To understand the relationship of prices between origin and destination
  • To integrate shipping, legal aspects and the legal system
  • To determine the correlations between different markets in order to establish price arbitrations
  • To manage volatility and develop liquidity strategies

Where is it held?

  • The Grain workshop can be held in-company or in suitable venues
  • Agro Fundamenta organises the Grain Workshop in various European cities

How long is it?

  • The Grain Workshop is adjusted according to its content requirements
  • We can adapt the schedule to the company’s needs

What is the price?

  • The price of the Grain Workshop depends on the specific needs and the number of participants
  • The price can be confirmed by telephone or in person without obligation