What do we do?

Agro Fundamenta consulting is directed towards the development of medium sized companies within the agri-food sector, cooperatives, industrial, and marketing of grain and oil seeds

How can we help?

We will work towards increasing the capacity to manage risks, volatility, regulations and other strategic issues in agri-business.

What do we offer?

We offer a team of economists, with specialised experience and objective analyses in a wide variety of aspects that affect the agri-food sector.

To what end?

Our aim is to accompany the client so they can successfully plan, identify and evaluate opportunities, anticipating threats to the market, or responding to regulatory changes or changes in the supply and demand scheme.

We are up to date

The consulting team at Agro Fundamenta follows the evolution of the agricultural raw materials sector on a daily basis and affords years of commercial experience in different markets.

We know the market

We respond with agility and clarity to requirements, affording and achieving quantifiable and sustainable results, no matter how complex your company’s issues and your strategic mandates are.

All this to place your company in the desired position in the market and to achieve your financial requirements.

Agro Fundamenta is managed by Paco Yglesias, an expert in the sector of agricultural raw materials markets.