“The truth at one time, is an error in another”

The “Grain Workshop” will help you understand the environment you interact with; the different rules of the game; to discern the stages and the possibilities that might present; to mark the place where you want to cap your risk, so that at the time of choosing the best option for your business, it will be fruit of your own reflection, experience and instinct; based on the information that you have. Not on impulses or forebodings that could backfire simply due to ignorance and that do not allow for a second chance.


Agustín Cosme
Managing Director
Transcereales Cruz

Paco is an excellent professional, who shows great passion and knowledge for the work he develops and who backs youths. The time I worked with him, he showed great collaboration with our Technical Assistance for the development of the project, supporting and participating in the development of the tasks. He is a clear reference for the Grain market sector

Maria Notivol
Senior Consultant in the Economic,
Strategy and Public Politics Departments

Idom Engineering and Consulting S.A.

In my case, the training received from Paco has been more than useful, not only to get to know the general situation of the grain and protein markets worldwide, such as productions, imports/exports, supply & demand, stocks, price movements (…) but also to know the legislation regulating particular grain entries in Spain. At the same time, although this part doesn’t feature as a “headline” for the course, he has helped me to gain more confidence in myself, starting from zero in the world of raw material purchasing, which I believe to be a complex and closed field, having a person with the knowledge that Paco possesses by your side for an amount of time is a great help

Sílvia Martín
Operation Director
Plana de Vic – Cooperative

“The training of the Grain Workshop was very interesting and helped me a great deal.”

Carolina Gadea
Head of purchasing
Trolli Ibérica, S.A.

“Exhaustive analysis of the markets, graphs, correlations and recurrent monitoring.”

María Mariné Trias
Financial Director
Quality Corn S.A.

I learnt to link intervention prices and to calculate the replacement cost for each area.”

Alfredo Asenjo
Transportes y cereales Asenjo SL

Paco is a good mentor of the Grain market.

Miriam Eras

“I learnt to perform the calculations and to estimate the volatility of the markets”

Isaac Garcia Herrero